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The Myth Of “Smaller Government”

What they mean is small government for business but large government for individuals (except gun owners) but what they can’t say is how small.

The next time someone with whom you are in conversation insists that small government is the right way to govern or that government is too big, ask them how big should the government be? Of course the’ll answer “smaller;” these people are, for the most part non-thinkers and are just parroting the [Right’s] party line (or talking point, if you will).

Don’t accept this answer. Insist that they tell you HOW big (or small). If they don’t know how big the government should be (or is) how can they say it’s the wrong size now. In order to know if the government is too big or too small one would a) have to know precisely how big the government ought to be (with logical justification for that number, no shooting from the hip here) and b) how big the government is now. If the current size of government is larger than that “correct size” then it’s too big and ought to be smaller. That is to say, ought to be shrunk until it reaches that size and no further. If the current size of government is smaller than that “correct size,” then it’s too small and ought to be grown until it reaches that size and no larger. Don’t worry. They won’t know how big. They will become confused or angry or both but won’t know as that wasn’t covered in the talking points memo.

One can further confuse these idiots by asking them how this “smaller government” is to be measured. In dollars or number of employees or office space square footage or acreage of land, etc. If in dollars should it be revenue, expenditures, debt, value of assets, etc. And if so why?

Unless you’re talking to someone who’s an economist or works for the CBO or the Fed, they will be thoroughly confused at this point and it will be obvious, even to them, that they have no idea what they’re talking about. This is the whole point; to get these morons to realize that they’re clueless and are just suffering from powder burns on their lips from shooting their mouths off.

Next time I’ll write about the myth of lower taxes spurring the economy.


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